CM 306 - floating leaf

Sebastiano Amore (IT 1980), Serena Russo (IT 1986), Corrado Gioia (IT 1982), Maria Luisa Valenti (IT 1986)

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Text by Joost Glissenaar: "A tree by the edge, rooted to the bank and leant out on the water. A leaf falls down, then it floats on the canal". It’s the physical and symbolic link between land and water. The structure and the shape of the leaf create the urban plan of the project. One central cycle road, the Boksumerdyk and a main traffic road along the south side. The urban area is divided into equal size modular parts on which one type of housing is situated. All housing types are created with the same principle of parallelepiped boxes; all dwellings are detached and have their own private harbour. On the east side of the site an apartment block is situated next to a harbour.

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