David Catalá Miňana (ES 1980), Sarah Lacroix (BE 1982), Ibiza Roca Mosher (ES 1983), Isabel López García (ES 1982), Lorena Morcillo Pérez (ES 1979), Delia Aniorte Soria (ES 1986), Francisco Manuel Martínez G

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Text by Joost Glissenaar: A folded ribbon parallel to the van Harinxmakanaal. The van Harinxmakanaal is expanded as far as the ribbon. (ignoring the limits of the site?). In four "armpits" of the ribbon a neighbourhood square is made. Maximizing contact with the water is an important goal of the project. The new channel bank becomes a new active waterfront. The housing units embrace the bays creating a variety of spaces. The courtyards on the south side of the ribbon will be an urban garden which increases the neighbourhood feeling. The housing units are based on a flexible system of modules.

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