ZZ 102 - central lake

Mateusz Adamczyk (PL 1981)


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A central lake replaces part of the network of ditches, parallel to the Van Harinxmakanaal.  A main road borders the entire project area. Housing plots are organised around the lake and there is a marina on the smaller northeast end of the lake. Apartment blocks are located between the marina and the lake. The family housing units vary in size, they are shuffled on their plots, with their parking spaces oriented towards the street and on the other side they are adjacent to the lake (to the north) or bordered by a path along the lake (to the south). Public leisure activities are situated on the islands in the lake and attached to it (terraces, green space, picnic places and a sun deck and farming space). The water in the lake is used for cooling and for the grey water circulation in the housing.

Jury assessment

Central Lake is interesting because the plots and not the housing form the building blocks of the urban development plan. The way in which the housing is subsequently situated on the plots is largely unspecified. The relationship between the housing and the water is harmonious thanks to the site sub-division. There is also an attractive contrast between the northern bank and the southern bank, where the plots are far deeper. Whether the plan can be developed in phases will depend on the possibility of being able to use the excavated soil in one go to construct noise barriers elsewhere, as the client intends. Apart from that the name central lake that the designers have given the water is inappropriate: the watercourse is no wider than the Van Harinxmakanaal situated adjacent to it. This water is also appreciably less appealing due to the large number of massive elements positioned in it.

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