Isabel Moneo Lara (ES 1983), Alfonso Babé Gómez-Llera (ES 1983), Lucas Mazarrasa Chávarri (ES 1984)

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Text by Joost Glissenaar: The utmost objective of the proposal is that water reaches every building, and therefore, water coming nearby the houses from the main canal. Parallel to the van Harinxmakanaal a secondary canal arises. Right angled to it five canals connect the secondary canal with the existing network of ditches. The water network frames four building stages and a harbour. In every building stage, parallel to the city canal, there is a sub-system with water paths which reach every house. Pedestrian and bicycle paths connect the secondary canal to the main road. Stage 1 is elaborated, there is a repeating stroke of water path, private land space with the residential building and public space. They repeat parallel to each other. The houses consist of different types of family housing and apartments of three storey’s maximum.

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