XO 303 - The Interior Arcadia

Alexander Sverdlov (RU 1971), David Koezen (NL 1980)

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Text by Joost Glissenaar: Interior Arcadia is a structure which defines highly specialized plots with a wide range of typologies and densities. From a secondary canal, parallel to the van Harinxmakanaal, water is pulled into the blocks. The blocks are bordered by fire (water) walls which separate the parcels and connects them. The canopy house block, with 47 houses, is elaborated in detail. At the perimeter of this block a canopy rests on the firewalls, a water basin dominates the centre of the block. Each individual owner can regulate the rate land-water and arrange housing extensions on the parcel, anticipating on the individual life style. Due to the repetition of the front elements at the outline of the block, the blocks look neutral from the outside. Within the block the diversity of parcels dominates. The main road determines the orthogonal grid of blocks. The Boksumerdyk is maintained and crosses the blocks, as a path for cyclists and pedestrians.

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