UT 223 - U TURN

Wouter Stoer (NL 1979), Winfried Zwier (NL 1980), Peter van der Knoop (NL 1976)

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Text by Joost Glissenaar: In this proposal the ancient dike plays a key role. The essence of the dike will be recovered again by gradually introducing the water into the site. The chosen strategy is to develop the plan organically from the existing farms in the east towards the west. The development starts with a small inlet and a few houses. When the market demands more housing, the housing and water structure develops further in the zone between dike and van Harinxmakanaal. When the new structure reaches the end of this outstretching zone the development makes a U turn and continues on the other end of the dike towards the existing farms again. The houses are designed with regard to sustainability: the building form contributes to energy efficiency, water is used to reflect the sun, cooling and grey water system. The principle for the housing structure is the bearer-body concept in which the body can be stacked, joined, or can float on the water.

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