Amélie Fontaine (FR 1985), César Vabre (FR 1981)

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Text by Joost Glissenaar: 'The main question for the team was to define a strategy for controlled urbanization/ inhabitation of the site while preserving its landscape qualities.' The plan consists of a network of ditches in which urban clusters are located, like farms in a landscape. Motor traffic is limited by introducing a bus road and two lines for slow traffic which connects to the water and to natural entities (farming). The angles of the building forms are determined by the orthogonal network of ditches and the oblique lines in the morphology on the other side of the Harinxmakanaal. These urban clusters houses several housing typologies (basement house, vertical detached wooden house, apartments), activities collective rooms and collective parking. Activities linked to water and nature are located along the main road and on the other side of the canal. The proposal crosses the borders of the site. Not only with the bus system, but also proposed housing blocks and activities are located across the borders.

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