TX 068 - Doutzen’s dream

Taco Hylkema (NL 1975)

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Text by Joost Glissenaar: Chasing Doutzen’s dream, waking up every morning watching the lake landscape, was the starting point for the urban intervention at the Kanaalzone. Parallel to and in connection with the van Harinxmakanaal a water landscape is created with a peninsula and an island on which housing is located. The housing consists of apartments (urban villa’s and apartment towers) and residential housing (nine typologies). The apartments and luxurious plots are located along the wide waterways, the smaller housing typologies (M and S series) are enclosed in the islands. Bicycle and footpaths dominate the infrastructure: a path runs straight through the housing areas, over the bank between the city canal and new wide waterway and along the main road for cars which leads along the agriculture site. Also the endings of both sides of the housing areas are accessible for cars.

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