Friso Brouwer (NL 1975), Jan-Hiochem Puite (NL 1985), Joram Plantenga (NL 1976)

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Text by Joost Glissenaar: In this proposal water connects the past, present and future. The triptych represents three main periods: the Boksumerdyk, the Harinxmakanaal and the Kanaalzone. The linear Boksumerdyk separates the project site in two parts: on the side of the van Harinxmakanaal there are six apartment blocks, on the other side of the dike there is a rural zone with residential housing. The zone in between the dike and newly built sides is filled with water. The oblique structure of the morphology on the other side of the city canal determines the angles of the building blocks, the footpath which crosses the water and the direction of a part of the main road. The dike functions as a footpath, along the canal is the main road which leads to the apartment blocks. On the rural side a road meanders to the residential housing.

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