Francesco Pasquale (IT 1980), Francesca Poli (IT 1981), Lorenzo Castagnetti (IT 1980)


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Eco effective neighbourhood. The transition of the Kanaalzone from being a border into becoming a connection between the old and new town is a process in which each action contributes to the global shareholders value of the site. The first step of the proposal is to create two ecological wetlands that will be realised on the non-buildable surface. The new “settlement” will then develop as an oasis among the water: a built environment between two wetlands. The proposed “settlement” develops longitudinally. Each housing unit has two entrances, one on the road side, one on the water side.

Jury assessment

The architecture is disappointing, but the design does have unmistakable urban qualities. The proposed wetlands under the high-voltage lines can develop into an attractive transition zone in the direction of any further developments towards the south. The plan can be carried through in phases.

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