Job Floris (NL 1974), Sandor Naus (NL 1971), Barbara Materia (IT 1983)


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The project creates a new city boundary. When the lay-out of the entire polder is completed this project will continue to mark the crossing point of the canal. Five courtyards will mediate between the polder and canal. The courtyards will be filled with water, and a ring of buildings set around the water. The housing typologies  are differentiated but the architecture of the housing is equivalent. The courtyard aims to provide an alternative answer to the gated community. The interior of the courtyard, the water, will be collective. The Boksumerdyk will be a continuous ribbon which connects the five courtyards.

Jury assessment

An original concept whereby the scale fits in well with the landscape. The area can be developed in stages. Upon further deliberation the jury was not enthusiastic about the fact that the inner areas of the blocks are entirely filled with water.

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