Emiel Noordhuis (NL 1977), Allart Vogelzang (NL 1974), Melle van Dijk (NL 1987)

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Text by Joost Glissenaar: The plan is based on three interventions: 1-visually and spatially linking of the project with the district on the opposite side of the van Harinxmakanaal; 2-providing recreational water that serves the whole area; 3-restoring and upgrading the Boksumerdyk. The zone under the high voltage line is transformed into a recreational lake which also can be used in future developments south of the Kanaalzone. The housing area is divided in two parts: the part south of the Boksumerdyk is suitable for waterside living, in the part north of the Boksumerdyk the dwellings are organized in various urban blocks. The situation of the blocks allows views to the lake and the opposite side of the canal.

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