JC 514 - nieuwaTERGArden (new water garden)

Francisco Javier Castellano Pulido (ES 1975), Tomás García Píriz (ES 1978), Luis Miguel Ruiz Avilés (ES 1985), Paloma Baquero Masats (ES 1984), Juan Antonio Serrano García (ES 1983)


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A new landscape of water. A balance between water/city/farmland creates a hybrid landscape which establishes a transition between the rural and urban context. The  urban plan and the architecture relates to existing elements in the city of Leeuwarden and its surroundings. The plan consists of three parallel zones. Each housing unit is connected to the water on the southern side. In the plan three housing types are proposed. Most of the housing is terraced housing with pitched roofs and a front and back garden. Two types of apartment buildings are proposed, one arranged in a block, the other arranged in a tower. The ground floors of the apartment buildings are used for mooring boats, parking and accessing the housing.

Jury assessment

An intelligent design that is well conceived on all scale levels. The urban design incorporating a great deal of water is clear and allows for phased planning. The blocks with housing create an interesting intermediate scale. The Boksumerdyk dyke is a strong element which, as a separate cycle and footpath, does it justice as a cultural-historical relic. The housing, all on the waterfront, has attractive floor plans – certainly in the case of housing that has a “winter garden” at the rear. The jury did wonder whether sufficient housing can be built with this concept to make the development of this area financially feasible. It is true that a substantial amount of the housing comprises apartments, but the jury considered this as the least successful aspect of the entry.

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