IN 011 - in'between

Nina Gjorgon (MK 1976), Gordana Gocieva (MK 1976)


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Inclusion of the Boksumerdyk, the existing built structures and existing canals form the starting point for a grid-like urban plan. Because of the combination of the porosity of the plan and the grid, all the housing units are governed by the same conditions as regards orientation and the views of the city. The architectural concept is an interpretation of the passive house. The thick exterior walls in the standard passive house are transformed into a buffer zone which is used for services, storage spaces, stairs or a small winter garden.

Jury assessment

A simple concept which, because of its minimalism, fits in well with the character of the area. In the elaboration the result will be less monotonous than the plans suggest. The concept of the “passive house” is interesting, although the housing presented is not considered particularly attractive.

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