IJ 385 - Waterdiversity

Marta Marotta (IT 1975)


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Instead of an evenly spread-out neighbourhood the urban plan concentrates on stacked housing around two central marinas. From the two marinas the density declines to the edge of the area. The housing on the periphery has the best interface with the surrounding landscape. The central apartment blocks around the marina are covered with a wooden façade, all the apartments are orientated towards the marina. Along the new central canal, more or less parallel to the Boksumerdyk, two types of housing are proposed: simple individual terraced housing without a front garden. And on the opposite side of the canal, housing with gardens and a private harbour. The housing on the periphery is semi-detached and elevated above the wetlands.

Jury assessment

The water structure with the two marinas forms the basis for a diversified entity with a pleasant atmosphere. The architectural elaboration has its shortcomings.

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