FT 142 - Middelzee Reconquista

Okke van den Broek (NL 1981), Fernando Navarro Carmona (ES 1984), Ivo van Capelleveen (NL 1979), Teresa Avalla Ballester (ES 1981)

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Text by Joost Glissenaar: The project proposes to strengthen the identity of Leeuwarden by clarifying the value of the local characteristics. By bringing back a small part of the former "Middelzee", the Boksumerdijk will have its former function: protection against water. The project adds two new connection lines: the esplanade on the water and a canal through the Nieuwlands. Related to their specific location different housing types are proposed: an apartment block on columns in the water, a floating private house, row houses on the border between land and water, a dike house and luxurious green villa’s.

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