AH 997 - on the EDGE

Paul Schrijen (NL 1980), Joost Korver (NL 1975)

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Text by Joost Glissenaar: The aim of this project is to combine urban and rural environment. The answer is to turn the traditional block inside out. This creates more space for gardens  and concentrate the urban space. Instead of making  separate blocks only one mega-"loop" block is proposed. This has several advantages: less side facades and less public space. The public space shouldn’t be monotonous, the loop is creating two squares connected by a street. Under the squares two parking garages are situated. A strip of water is made parallel to the  van Harinxmakanaal and provides a public boat camping. On the south side a reed pond is made, a gray water system uses the pond for filtering. A large variation of housing sections is presented to stimulate architects to design creative housing typologies.

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