Alina Lippiello (IT 1972), Leonardo Zuccaro Marchi (IT 1983)


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A prominent element in the plan is the infiltration of nature in architecture and vice versa which, in a way, brings Escher’s painting "day and night", who was a native of Leeuwarden, to mind. The project consists of three phases; each phase has its own character or typology. The characters refer to different places on the world; phase one to San Francisco bay, phase two to Tokyo bay and phase three to Venice. The housing is designed in different types: floating housing, amphibious housing, pile housing and temporary housing. Each island has its own sustainable energy resource.

Jury assessment

Floating Blocks is suitable for phased development that, moreover – thanks to its  flexibility, can be easily adapted to changing insights or circumstances. The various small communities create a wealth of variety that does in turn run the risk of a certain arbitrariness. The way in which the water is used to create a special residential area is convincing, although the elongated empty island between the residential area and the Van Harinxmakanaal creates a rather meaningless impression. Of the three sub-areas the jury considered the one in the far west the most interesting. Thanks to its scale, the large floating block fits in well with its surroundings. At first sight the architecture looks intriguing, but it is insufficiently elaborated to be assessed properly.

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