DB 194 - DE WATERLIJN (the water-line)

Delphine Borg (FR 1983), Billy Guidoni (FR 1982)

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Text by Joost Glissenaar: The project proposes to make one linear urban plan for 450 houses. The building is 14 meters deep and 1,220 meters long. The aim of the project is to occupy as little water and land as possible. South of the building a second "canal" with the same width as the van Harinxmakanaal is created. The project creates a clear line between city and nature. On the south side of the new canal a series of "public" gardens/sports grounds and parks is proposed.  In the building itself different private outside spaces and collective open spaces are planned. All dwellings have a view to the south and to the north. A series of housing types is developed.

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