AC 192 - My place has two doors

Pedro Araujo (PT 1982), Sara Caruso (IT 1981)


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Looking at the genius loci of the site the project aims to strengthen the existing landscape lines and re-define them as linear identities of the site. The plan introduces a new designed solution for housing on water typologies. Instead of privatising the waterfronts the project aims to create accessible waterways. The way the new linear identities (bridges, waterways, roads etc.) connect and intersect, creates a grid as a support for multiple exchange and community life. All the housing units have two accesses, by water and by land. The project proposes three types of singular housing, depending of their location, and one apartment building.

Jury assessment

This is one of the few entries that place the assignment in a structure of a higher scale level – also with an eye to possible further development in the future. The architecture does not live up to its promise.

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