DP 001 - Composition IX (Opus 18)

Daniel Zarhy (PL 1980)


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Public space is the main design tool. It is the generator of the building organisation and its form. A new cultural centre is built on the side of the Corona building around a new culture plaza on the east side of the Potentiaal building. This is separated from the high-rise. The cultural centre is organised as a small city, around “public” spaces. The university college is situated on the lowest levels of the high-rise. The student apartments in the high-rise are pushed back to create private balconies for the students. Each of the three high-rise floors has a cluster of student apartments.

Jury assessment

The winning prize went to the makers of a complete design where everything appears to be in its proper place. It is, moreover, one of the few entries that succeeds in combining the renovation of the building with a sound approach to the surrounding space – both at a ground floor level and at the (+1) level of the pedestrian bridges that connect the buildings on the campus with each other. Inside the building the public space is extended upwards in an inventive way. The new Corona building for the cultural functions is also convincing, partly because it is positioned so that it creates an attractive plaza. The way in which the façades are renewed was also considered in a positive light. They create an attractive, reserved visual image: the student rooms all retain a small balcony. The jury was less impressed with one component: it considered the clusters of student rooms, repeatedly comprising three floors, too massive.

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