TU 369 - S-LAB

Jeroen Roumen (NL 1974), Jean-Arnaud Smadja (FR 1971)


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A boulevard between the river Dommel and the square in front of the W hall splits the ground level between the high-rise and low-rise of the Potentiaal building in two. To create a vibrant ground floor all the public activities are clustered around the boulevard. Corona is demolished with the exception of the steel construction. The student housing is organised in clusters of five to seven rooms with one common living room, called the Student LAB, where people meet to share ideas. Students can grow their own food in a hothouse on top of the building which also generates energy.

Jury assessment

The most attractive element of this proposal is the connection that it created with the river Dommel. The internal organisation of the building was also appreciated. The jury was less enthusiastic about the visual image of the renovated façade.

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