SH 049 - back to the future

Thijs van Bijsterveldt (NL 1981), Oana Rades (RO 1977), Harm Timmermans (NL 1975)

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Text by Joost Glissenaar: The statement of Back to the future is that the original separation between the car used ground level and the elevated public level became obsolete. At strategic points, the elevated public level is brought in direct connection with the landscape. The ground level of Potentiaal is opened up in order to maximize the continuity of the landscape. The High voltage hall is demolished to create from the Potentiaal and the Corona building 2 separated and clear buildings. The concentration of the most of the educational and cultural program in the Corona building creates a surplus area for the rest of the buildings. The facades are build up of two types of panels: one transparent, one closed.

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