RE 393 - RE:FWD

Julius Klatte (NL 1981), Raymond van Sabben (NL 1982), Jochem Pauwe (NL 1982)

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Text by Joost Glissenaar: RE:FWD is a conceptual approach that takes the modernist principles and regenerates them into a new ensemble. The low rise parts between high-rise and Corona are demolished in order to redevelop  the Potentiaal and the Corona into separate identities. An energy grid on the south façade and the roof is a flexible ‘place holder’ system for different kind of energy generating elements. The energy grid makes the sustainability of the building visible. The university college is organized around one big entrance hall on the lowest level of the Potentiaal building. On the top level is an event space created. The Corona building accommodates the cultural centre.

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