AR 124 - DESCARTES 2.0)

Raul Forsoni (IT 1983), Andrea Guazzieri (IT 1984)


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Referring to villa Adriana the plan Descartes 2.0 will redefine the meaning of the campus. The lower floors of the Potentiaal building will be transformed into a so-called “station hub” connecting commuters to the campus network. The cultural centre will be organised in the two low-rise volumes on the northern and southern-side of the high-rise. The ground floor and first floor of the main building will be a node where all activities and traffic movements come together. The university college is organised round a central void. The student apartments are located on top of this. The facade will by perforated by a “grid” system: a selection of large and small voids refers to the programme which is behind the façade.

Jury assessment

The entry betrays the fact that it has been made by competent designers. It comprises a new interpretation of the “family of buildings” on the campus, the system of climate control is sustainable and thanks to the transparent ground floor it fits in well with its surroundings. The new elevation concept is intriguing, though the jury was not convinced that this is also the best solution.

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