Abram de Boer (NL 1981), Miriam Tocino (ES 1984), Carlos Moreira (ES 1980), Pablo Domingo (ES 1982), Hans Smolenaers (NL 1982), Tim Eichhorn (NL 1986)

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Text by Joost Glissenaar: A maximizing of opportunities for social exchange between students, teachers and visitors. The design concept of the project pretends a new kind of learning environment. A sequence of sky lobbies act as social incubator creating a Piranesian-like space in the heart of the Potentiaal. The university college is located on the ground level. The complete 1st level is transformed into a ‘mixing chamber’ where students, teachers and professionals meet. The student apartments are organized in containers which creates a radically flexible and eco-friendly structure. The cultural centre is not planned.

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