MK 007 - new potentiaal (exploiting synergies

Michal Lisiňski (PL 1982), Katarzyna Furgalinska (PL 1982)


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The plan seeks a conceptual logic that gives the building a new kind of performance and functionality. It will focus on the way it plays a role in the system. The programme is stacked. The university college is situated on the first floor. The  student housing is situated on top of this, and the Scala cultural centre, a new construction, is positioned on top of the building. The student housing is organised in neighbourhoods. On each third floor a collection of four neighbourhood living rooms are organised round a central void which is also used for the climate management of the building. The building is covered with a double-layered photovoltaic façade skin.

Jury assessment

The most interesting component in this entry is the labyrinth system of stairways that make good use of the building’s depth. Situating the cultural centre on top is in itself an interesting idea, but in this case the construction demands so much attention that the building is no longer a member of the “family of buildings” on the campus.

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