ME 611 - The Garden of E’ven""

Mathijs van Daal (NL 1975), Eva Carreras Giralt (ES 1984)

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Text by Joost Glissenaar: The green quality of the campus is a starting point for the project. By making the Dommel river a meandering river the campus will be connected to the city centre. The existing parking area besides the Dommel river will be moved under a new building which will be constructed on the position of the existingCoronabuilding. The new building will accommodate the cultural centre and housing.

A new building besides the existing low rise on the Westside of the complex will accommodate the university college and will embrace in with glass covered central hall. The potential building will be perforated by a central void which is used for the energy concept of the building. A variation of measures is proposed to create a sustainable building and environment.

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