AA 999 - VOLT

Tibor Kis (NL 1980), Floris van den Biggelaar (NL 1982)


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Situated around a new patio, the southern low-rise will be expanded and transformed into the university college in which the lecture hall will be transformed into the computer space. The northern low-rise will be almost completely demolished, the basement is the starting point for the new cultural centre, the roof of the centre will be a roof terrace besides the river Dommel. The high-rise will be completely transformed into student housing. Each floor is divided into three apartment clusters. In the heart of the building the central cluster will be perforated by an atrium to make cross ventilation possible. The façade will be covered with a second skin.

Jury assessment

After its renovation, the Potentiaal building remains recognisable as a member of the “family” of buildings on the university campus. One of the ways this is achieved is by applying a new curtain wall, closely related to the existing façade. The other components of this entry were also well received. The student rooms, grouped differently each time, create a pleasing impression. The atrium is not only a good way of taking advantage of the depth of the building, it also brings daylight into the heart of it, while still forming part of a system of natural ventilation. The collective spaces are grouped in the same matter-of-course way around the atrium. The jury also considered the lobby, which serves as a hub for three functions – housing, culture and university – successful.

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