Erwin Schot (NL 1976), Bas Meijerman (NL 1982), Eloi Koster (NL 1973), Elmar Hammers (NL 1982)


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The silo is re-designated as a vertical internal allotment: 126 small unit spaces within the shafts are rented out to local residents and businesses for micro urban agriculture. The top of the tower has  a viewing area and restaurant. The urban plan aims to free up as much space as possible to create a square suitable for festivals, parking and a market and to retain most of the existing buildings, reorienting them, where necessary, to face the square.

Jury assessment

Planting Havenkwartier is a clever plan that demonstrates the makers’ sensitivity to the special character of the Havenkwartier area and that they can subsequently continue building on this with their interventions. The urban design, the architecture and the functions that are added, fit in well with what is already there. The idea of using the silo to cultivate vegetables is inventive, all the more so because the construction of the silo is only suitable for a few other interpretations. The proposal to build a restaurant on top of the silo should be considered feasible. The new, elevated block of flats is well positioned. This is not the case with the proposed block with student housing, which blocks the view of the water from the square. The jury is reassured with the thought that, even without this new building, the design can hold its own.

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