XD 403 - The Compound

Kor Zijnstra (NL 1973)


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The concept is for multiple uses on the site, in a raw, industrial state. A single building is introduced, a bar-shaped frame – the “compound bridge” – extends from the silo to the water. Buildings within this structure would be developed over time. Multiple occupations are encouraged, for example parking/event space combination, etc. The silo is partially reused for the large-scale storage of wood pallets bought in bulk, and offloaded via the bridge, for a biomass generator based at the bottom of the tower, serving the area. Towards the top of the tower, attachments provide access and windows for a bed and breakfast unit. There is also a viewing area.

Jury assessment

The idea of using the silo as a silo once again is appealing. It is also one of the few proposals for the silo that have a designated use that is structurally feasible. The horizontal block that is proposed next to the silo is not well received by the jury.

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