Tudor Vlasceanu (RO 1981), Liviu Vasiu (RO 1982), Romina Grillo (IT 1984), Claudiu Forgaci (RO 1986), Alexandru Tudose (RO 1985)

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Text by Matthew Turner: The site is divided into four squares by routes; the quadrants are housing, habourside live/work, industrial art park, and public waterfront. Each quadrant is phased, starting with the one containing the tall silo. The silo becomes mixed use, with apartments and a public library, retaining some of the existing cells. It sits in a lush public garden. Other quadrants are shown, the housing is classed as a city block, and is a monumental slab building whose entire ground floor is enclosed parking, with an oval shaped courtyard cut through. The dockside housing is similarly solid, with a two storey parking plinth, with a public square on top.

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