TE 123 - Tel wat je hebt (maak wat je mist - Count your blessings)

Judith Engbers-Lansink (NL 1978), Suzanne Nagtegaal. NL 1976), Ellen Brinkerink (NL 1983)

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Text by Matthew Turner: An L- shaped apartment building is added next to the tall silo, and connected by arial gangways. The silo is reconfigured as a vertical parking garage, with a heal spa at first floor level. The new building has an office-style cladding system, with floor to ceiling windows. The dockfront is a public space (not shown in detail), and is intended for cultural uses.  A long, raised, walkway continues from the new building, over all the existing buildings. This is intended to be a catalyst to enjoy the area, and is inspired by motorway flyovers.

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