TC 821 - Urban Patio

Tjeerd Bloothoofd (NL 1982), Chi Hong Liu (NL 1977)


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The plan creates an urban patio alongside the “tall” silo, formed by the existing buildings and a large rectangular residential block that is characterised as a hangar. This block has semi-basement parking facilities, and a series of gaps on its upper two floors that allow for future expansion, but are principally for occupation by the public. The roof-top has a vegetable garden for the students. The silo is reused as an annexe of the city of Deventer's archives, with some public spaces carved out from the cellular structure and a roof-top bar.

Jury assessment

The design is characterised by flexibility and the possibility of gradual implementation. The idea of the silo as an annexe of the city archives is sympathetic, but the transformation probably creates insurmountable technical problems. 

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