Paul van den Berg (NL 1980), Adam Scales (CA 1979)


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Siloplein forms a public space that provides a framework for future occupation. Three sides are occupied by simple concrete shell units. The first stage of a car park is constructed over one of these shell units. The car park can be expanded at a later stage if necessary. The design foresees public and residential use, and the concrete buildings are laid out in a way that might make them suitable for either. An inventive selection of uses for the space is then proposed: a drive-in cinema, viewed from the car park,  an aerial exhibition (taking advantage of the view from the top of the silo looking down), various theme park or outdoor events, Christmas tree replanting, a temporary beach, etc.

Jury assessment

It is an interesting idea to provide a framework that first and foremost shapes the public space, and can subsequently be utilised for a variety of functions. This principle can be repeated at several sites in the Havenkwartier area. It is one of the few entries that provide a vision for the development of the entire Havenkwartier area. Unfortunately the corner adjacent to the water is not opened up. The architecture is rather rudimentary.

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