Marieke Kums (NL 1979)


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A small-scale city block comprising box-like elements up to four storeys high are situated in the unused space on the site. The small block size of a city such as Tokyo has served as the inspiration. The small buildings, clad in reused brick, have  mostly combined residential and business functions. They are omni-directional, and generally have no private space at a ground level. The large silo is converted to student housing and a conference space. The majority of parking is accommodated at the rear of the site.

Jury assessment

Bricolage with its clearly-presented text satisfies the assignment in numerous respects. The design is flexible and allows for a gradual transformation. Because it is based on a continuation of the existing fabric with small-scale development, it fits in with its surroundings. The concept of raised construction volumes that appear to be suspended above the transparent ground floor is interesting. Other “rules” are also fittingly applied such as placing the commercial and public functions at street level, while the multi-sided orientation of the housing and working units is apt. The jury does question the large quantity of extras included in the proposal: the site does not require this. It was also less enthusiastic about the quality of the public space. The proposal to accommodate students in the silo is, for structural reasons, not considered realistic.

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