LR 612 - In Lijn

Jarrik Ouburg (NL 1975)


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Three large new buildings are introduced, two towers and one slab. The slab is elevated and faces the dockside. The towers step up in size to the large silo. The main silo is reserved for cultural activities such as installation space, the top floors retain the cell structure in parts for an art space lit from above. A canopy roof is added to make a roof-top restaurant. The undercroft of the slab building houses car park, and the upper floors provide deck access to include student and residential units. Other new buildings are a parking tower and work units, tucked into the rear of the site.

Jury assessment

The new interpretation of the silo is appealing, all the more because it emphasises the vertical character. Though it is doubtful whether the construction of the silo allows for the proposed interventions. The jury was less enthusiastic about the smaller towers proposed.

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