AB 123 - the Industrial Cycle

Saul Smeding (NL 1985), Lobke Alkemade (NL 1983), Boudewijn Pasman (NL 1982), Eisso Beukema (NL 1981), Sieger Valks (NL 1984)


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Four port functions: input, process, output and storage are taken as a conceptual structure and the modern material from the creative industries forms the output. New, low “silos” are built containing housing and workspaces. These are linked by girdered gangways to the existing silo, which is reconfigured in floors to accommodate the workspaces, an art gallery and a number of  public functions. All the buildings are elevated above the ground level which is  indicated as free of planting and street furniture. The link to the recycling of material is suggested in the resale of vintage products, and the suggestion that some of the creative activities on the site would reuse material such as glass (the recycling facilities, however,  appear not to be on site).

Jury assessment

The connection with the existing industrial buildings creates an attractive visual image. The programme with recycling as the theme contributes to a strong identity, whereby it was noted that the addition of a large-scale programme here is unnecessary. The jury would have preferred to see further elaboration of the design.

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