Derko-Jan Dollen ( NL 1973), Angela Holterman (NL 1972), Thijs Karrenbeld. NL 1980)


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A dense mat of cellular residential buildings occupies the site, with curving roof lights. The intention is to make the site part of a transition in the building scale from the city's small scale, to the docks extra large scale. Gardens are cut out of  this Kasbah. Studio apartments and workspaces are situated on the ground floor, and the dockside appears to be intended for limited parking and public space. The silo, whilst converted to floor slabs, maintains an offset internal atrium in the existing vertical circulation to recall the verticality of the building. It appears to accommodate office space.

Jury assessment

An innovatory design, derived from the archetype of the Kasbah that is flexible and facilitates a step-by-step development. On the other hand the link with the existing development is not particularly successful, while the quality of the architecture has shortcomings.

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