HK 108 - H.O.P.P.E.R. Heritage Open Process Play Evolve Refresh

Iolanda Negoita (RO 1983), Alina Caloian (RO 19984), Alexandru Mantoiu (RO 1984), Dan Jianu (RO 1984), Aurelia Aionesei (RO 1983)

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Text by Matthew Turner: The project takes its conceptual cue from the sites history, to make an analogy of processing and filtration of creative activity. A number of hopper-shaped buildings are placed on the site in different orientations (some upside down), and contain work and cultural activities; public space is created between them. Ships for hotel and theatre use are moored alongside the dock.   The tall silo is converted to apartments, and the smaller silo to a dock museum. Perforated sheet metal, backlit at night, is used extensively for over cladding, including the tall silo.

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