EH 011a - DHK, een nieuwe geschiedenis (a new history)

J-P Wenink (NL 1978), Ferdy Holtkamp (NL 1979)


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The ground level dominates the design, with a large checkerboard of public space  covering the site. The square is defined by the addition of three new buildings, with the silo remaining freestanding, and converted into apartments.

Jury assessment

DHK, een nieuwe geschiedenis is a well-balanced and complete design that meshes in naturally with the existing situation. It can be developed in stages and is remarkable for its reserved and traditional character. One strong element is the way in which a plaza is created with new construction volumes that do justice to the site’s potential. The design and the choice of materials for the plaza enhance the quality of the public space, which is also reflected in the uncomplicated way in which the parking is accommodated. The neutral, elegant architecture is attractive and displays affinity with the industrial development in the vicinity. The jury has grave doubts about the interpretation of the silo with studios and lofts. As is the case with the other runner-up, the construction of the silo will prohibit such a transformation.

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