Capelle aan den IJssel


Michalis Ntourakos (EL 1982)


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The continuation of Kerklaan, crosses the Europan site dividing it into two parts colonised by two closed housing blocks with a green collective courtyard. Parking areas are situated around the site boundaries  on the ground floor. The housing entrances are at ground level. Collective corridors, connected to the green areas on the ground floor, run through the entire block in the middle axis of the section on the first floor. In the plans there is no physical connection visible between these corridors and the housing, but from the sketches it appears as if the main aim of this element is to serve as an open space for the housing situated on both sides of it. Some communal facilities are placed in the courtyards.

Jury assessment

Special mentions are intended for entries that have one or more components that are worth drawing attention to, without their having to be a good design in all respects. A day in the life doesn't result in an attractive residential neighbourhood, but it gives an interesting critical comment in the form of a comic. The plan does not present an attractive residential area, but the critical comment in the form of a comic is worthy of notice. Amongst other things, it points to the importance of a clear distinction in social ambience (private, collective, public), which would risk being lost with too robust an intervention.

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