Capelle aan den IJssel

ZK 800 - Fertile District

Jean-Charles Puechblanc (FR 1984), Emmanuel Quertinmont (BE 1983), Louis Leclert (FR 1984)

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Text by Helena Casanova: The plan is structured by long parallel housing blocks and green houses in between of them that work as passages to access to the dwellings and as private gardens. A private parking garage is located on the center of the plot at ground level and a new canal divides the plots in two parts creating a promenade.

Five different housing typologies of one or two levels based on a grid of 8x8m. are spread in the plot being located at different heights in the four-story housing blocks.

Other "facilities" such as private and public gardens, greenhouses, warehouses and the ecological supermarket are located in the open areas and greenhouses.

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