Capelle aan den IJssel

YX 356 - PLAN B'

Maria Sleijpen (NL 1977), Jurrian Arnolds (NL 1993), Pieter Graaff (NL 1985), Sander Smoes (NL 1979)

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Text by Helena Casanova: This project seeks to engage users participation to redevelop the study area. The designer speaks about the need of new strategies to promote the location, via websites, etc in order to get enough interested people in the development of one specific area to start a restructuring process. The people have to be supported by a panel of experts. Part of the current blocks can be preserved, although main entrances have to occur from the street and not from the inner part of the courtyards. The parking areas are half-buried in the middle of the courtyards. No specific clear urban plan is developed. The typologies are not developed.

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