Capelle aan den IJssel


Elena Chevtchenko (NL 1981), Ken Thompson (UK 1977), Andrew Kitching (UK 1983)


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This proposal is based on bringing the area back to its former polder glory by dividing the plot into strips by means of narrow water canals that serve as landscape element that structure the entire intervention. Special focus, though schematic, is placed on the design of the public areas. Five blocks situated at the beginning of several of the strips lend dynamism to the buildings’ “mass”. The remainder comprises lower volumes, two to three floors high. Typologies vary from terraced housing with different depths, courtyard houses and apartments.

Jury assessment

Polder Salad has various attractive elements. It proposes a simple structure based on the proposed watercourses that form a continuation of the former ditches in the polder landscape. Within this, a marked differentiation is possible. Unfortunately the typological variation, which is clearly visible in the multi-coloured model, has not resulted in a varied architectural image. The scale proportions are correct, there is sufficient flexibility and the concept offers space for phased development. Moreover, a residential area is designed in which the target groups that the client has in mind – people with a “yellow” or “green” lifestyle – are likely to feel at ease. The fact that the design manifests itself as rather autonomous in its surroundings is, however, not a drawback in this situation, in which these surroundings simply offer few positive interfaces. The jury is somewhat concerned about the quality of the public space round the block of flats on the corner.

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