Capelle aan den IJssel

PK 300 - yellow plaza and green carpet

Roman Rutkowski (PL 1972)

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Text by Helena Casanova: This project is divided into two areas: the yellow and the green ones. The yellow area is developed around a big scale public space at the end of Kerklaan and consists of a tower 10 levels high and urban linear dense blocks, 6-7 levels high. All apartments in this area have balconies facing the main plaza. Ground floor is occupied by retail functions. Parking areas are situated on 2nd and 3rd levels.  The green area is connected to the yellow one by means of a park. Its architecture is fragmented and of small scale, 2-3 levels high and consisting of row houses and of apartments within small housing blocks. This aspect is not completely developed, so it is difficult to further say something else about the typologies. Parking is placed below the houses in two big collective parking areas.

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