Capelle aan den IJssel


Joost Reijnen (NL 1983)

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Text by Helena Casanova: The plan consists of three main differentiated urban areas. On the west side of the location, two big urban blocks close the plan and respond at the end of Kerklaan to the existing urban tissue with a curved volume. The central part of the plan is characterized by separated pitched-roof blocks most  of them with back gardens, 1 to 6 levels high excluding the level under the roof, placed in the landscape and grouped into clusters thanks to the way the streets and green areas are designed. The east side presents a new public building with religious facilities. The intention is to reuse some existing elements in the future development, for instance the façades as future pavements. Parking pockets are situated in front of the small blocks, at the entrance on ground floor, and on the limits of the location (big areas) at the west and southern parts of it.

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