Capelle aan den IJssel

NL 168 - Mt. Capella

Yun Wai Wing (CN 1980), Jiayu Tjong (SG 1984), Mayuko Ando (JP 1981)

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Text by Helena Casanova: The starting point of this proposal is to connect the whole area in an optimal way to its surroundings. According to the designers, their new routes are connecting the study location with the most important spots in the area. The left over spaces of these routes define the shape and position of 8 small housing clusters made by the combination of small linear blocks around collective courtyards. The clusters are shaped into a terraced way to provide diversification of typologies: from villas till studios. Parking spaces are provided on ground floor hidden and located around the courtyards. The inclined roofs of the whole intervention are provided with vegetation and can be used by the inhabitants.

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