Capelle aan den IJssel

MH 011 - Middenhoven

Joris Dekkers (NL 1975), Wouter van Bennekom (NL 1979)

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Text by Helena Casanova: Divided into two areas by a public square with retail functions in the continuation of Kerklaan, the proposal is based on 6 linear blocks: two of them are higher apartment blocks around the new square, three are terraced-blocks along the new streets and the latest one is designed as a parking building. The apartment blocks along the new square are respectively 13 in its highest point on the corner and 7 levels high, with a specially high ground floor for the retail functions in some places. The rest of the ground floor is reserved for storage and parking areas. In the rest of the housing blocks, ground floor is exclusively reserved for storage and parking areas on one of the sides, and for the entrances of the houses on the other. Terraces appear on the other levels, due to the morphology of the block.

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