Capelle aan den IJssel

MD 981 - City-Urban-Building

Marije ter Steege (NL 1982), Daniel Rodriguez (ES 1980)

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Text by Helena Casanova: Perpendicularly to the extension of Fluiterlaan, that is designed not following the exact current position but it is deviated a bit towards north, three big urban blocks with courtyard and one linear block are placed in the center of the study location. At the eastern and southern part, some smaller linear blocks close the intervention. All blocks present a complex morphology, some in terraces, some with plinths and small towers. The urban scheme is developed to guarantee optimal connections with the existing routes. New water facilities are designed at the end of the existing canal (outside the given location), in the square at the end of Kerklaan and inside the collective courtyards. The intention is to use rainwater for households. The perimeter of the blocks on ground floor is full with entrances to houses that have their gardens on the first level, or with some commercial activities. Parking is on ground floor, hidden by other uses or by small hills.

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